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Welcome to One Seed Wonders

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Before I Begin

here's The Link
the Holiday Collection
w videos
(showing how pieces work as separates + how they work together as unified sets)



(I changed it ... you can only good-guess what it said)


Today is no longer March 4th 2022

what can I say






it's today






I have no idea how to get my latest posts to show up at the top properly



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A Warm Welcome


(the next post will be about my new cordless jump rope)
see other things I'm working on here
my other website is brendaintoronto.com
begin ...

I chose to open oneseedwonder's door today because the date seems to cop a strong directive


*(cue music) with sounds of a heaving, splintered, weather-worn, wooden door on rusty iron hinges creaking ... sending the tiniest dust puff fluffs flying off ... sparking joy as they float in cumulus cloud formations ... landing lit on webs within the ethereally soupy cavernous bowl of my studio ... in the middle of the night ...

(the mood is powerful yet surprisingly light and airy)* That is all ... for now.


The Chain Gang's Signature Collection has launched.


More will be rolled out on OneSeedWonders' bench in the heart of west downtown Toronto as collections are completed.

It's a one-person operation ... so whatever whims of fancy strike at the moment will be what's at play and on display.

I hope you enjoy seeing and reading about them.

If you have any questions, please text me at 6478215307 or e-mail. You can also find me on Instagram here.


[Now, I'd like to take this moment to thank, Gary, my brother, for encouraging me to set up shop and for advising I can never have enough tools.]

At this moment, he is the only one on my e-mail list ... please sign up, too, and I will keep you apprised of all that is new.

When I was first learning how to make jewelry (and while he was living at sea on one of his sailboats, prior to the day corona swooped in and stranded him off the coast of the Bahamas, for a bit), he became the first person to commission a silver piece from me.

A single anchor earring.

I accepted the challenge (not knowing how I would ever be able to fulfill this request but as sure as necessity is the mother of invention, little did I realize it, at the time); this one contract would serve to help me corner the entire pirate market.

Thank you Gary!

here we are after post storm ... rainbows ruling

photo taken by Dad who is in heaven with Mom and our younger brother, Wayne

I gave it to him on his birthday along with a hand-painted and custom-lettered shirt I got from Tania who is an artist living in Greece and is now a supportive friend on Tizzit, an amazing membership of Makers, based out of Australia.


Here's Tania's Etsy shop with her pirate shirt (so cool my comment is at the top - everyone loves her work and working with her). One of the reasons I like it so much is that it will just keep getting better and better - stained or ripped - he can wear it forever.

Go Tania!

Thanks for making this day even more special for us.

Here he is in a sailboat shirt just before opening up his new pirate t-shirt ... but first showing his earring off, for posterity, in a clink at the click of a pic.


Some of that Process

Claude at The Beadery, on Queen Street West, showed me how to twist pure silver wire, using a drill, so it looked like a little braided rope.
I tried this at home and know this impressed Gary. He told me Claude was using a Dewalt drill, the same kind he uses on all his pro jobs.
I showed Gary the piece before it was finished and he said, "Stop. Don't do any more to it. It's done!"
What I learned.
Always work with your customer on commissions. You want them to be satisfied.
The anchor is a symbol of hope.
It sends a message of hope for the future and signifies a bright and happy life.
This sentiment is dedicated to Ukraine and it's people and all affected by war.
“The supreme art of war is to subdue the enemy without fighting.”
Sun Tzu, The Art of War

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