Sizing Guides

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Necklace Sizes

14 - 16"



Fits around neck like a turtleneck
16-  17" Choker
Base of throat
17 - 20" Princess
20 - 26" Matinee
Top of bust
26 - 36" Opera
Slightly below bust
36 - 42"  Rope
Can be doubled and/or wrapped to sit at or below bust level
  1. Use a soft measuring tape, string or ribbon to find a length that you feel personally suits you.
  2. Lay string or ribbon against a ruler to get your size. It’s better to go a little bigger rather than smaller. 

Measuring Your Wrist

For a Snug Fit Add 1/4" - 1/2"
For a Comfort Fit
Add 3/4” to 1”
For a Loose Fit Add 1” to 1-1/4”
  1. Use a soft measuring tape, string or ribbon to measure about an inch above your wrist bone (between wrist on the side of your elbow).

My wrist measures 6” and I chose the 7-1/4 Harmony and Harmony with Variety Bracelets because this size allows me to carefully roll the links over my wrist with my thumb and baby finger touching one another as i slip the closed bracelet on over my hand as I would ease a closed bangle over my wrist (same as without having to open the clasp).

This size also allows good movement over my wrist and  if I'm wearing a sweater, I can wear the bracellet over the cuff.

NOTE: the clasp can always be closed more tightly using another link. 

Ring Sizing for .999 Pure Silver Rings

Use a non-stretchy piece of tooth floss and wrap it around your finger and cut it at the exact place of overlap and then you can lay the string down on a ruler to see what the measurement length is. You can also use a piece of tape, doubled over sticky side to sticky side so you have a strong, smooth length of tape to wrap around your finger and can mark it with a marker where the overlap occurs. Measure this against a ruler.

The Beady Guy Rings are quite forgiving and can be carefully pushed and prodded a little to adjust about a half size up and/or down. I like to wear my rings on different fingers and on my thumbs so this allows me to switch hands and do so comfortably. It's another benefit of using a softer, more malleable and pliable, metal like .999 Pure Silver.

Size 3, F, 14.05mm                    

Size 4, H 1/2, 14.86mm           

Size 5, J 1/2, 15.70mm             

Size 6, M, 16.51mm                  

Size 7, O, 17.35mm                  

Size 8, Q, 18.19mm                  

Size 9, R 3/4, 18.89mm            

Size 10, T 1/2, 19.84mm          

Size 11, V 1/2, 20.68mm          

Size 12, Y, 21.49mm                

Size 13, Z+1, 22.33mm           

Size 3.5, G 1/4, 14.45mm

Size 4.5, I 1/2, 15.27mm

Size 5.5, L, 16.10mm

Size 6.5, N, 16.92mm

Size 7.5, P, 17.75mm

Size 8.5, Q 3/4, 18.53

Size 9.5, S 3/4, 19.41mm

Size 10.5, U 1/2, 20.20mm

Size 11.5, W 3/4, 21.08mm

Size 12.5, Z, 21.89mm

Size 13.5, Z+1.5, 22.60mm


Some helpful reminders:

1. The fingers on our dominant hand are often larger. Check to see if this is the case for you.

2. Thinner bands fit more loosely than thicker bands. You will want to make accommodations for this.

3. The best time to measure your fingers is at the end of the day (and when your hands are at room temperature) because you want your rings to always fit comfortably. Like with feet, they can tend to swell a little throughout the day.

4. If your knuckle is larger, take both measurements and choose the size between.

You can double check and make sure you have the correct size. Measure the diameter of a ring you own that fits well and feels comfortable. Please a ruler across the widest part and then multiply this measurement by 3.14 to find the circumference.

Again, don't forget that .999, Pure Silver, is pliable and can be carefully prodded, without compromising the integrity of the band, to a slightly larger and/or smaller size because of this.