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Anne says, "Oh, I love it! I also LOVE the whole mindfulness concept and I will keep it next to my bed for that reason. It's really remarkable." AND Laura says " when leaving the house, wearing the rings, I feel grounded ... by a sort of protective force field"

Rose Merry Pop-Ins & The Cotton Knotties


'... the ability to travel with just a carry-on layering monochromatic thin merino, head-to-toe - ahhh! ... my idea of off-season heaven (but I'm still in lockdown. You can read about that here). And I want to be layered in linens on my roof deck or at the allotment all summer or bundled in my merinos under cosy cotton leisurewear all winter long slow stitching couture and making precious silver jewellery).'

One Seed Wonders offers bold and subtle takes on your capsule wardrobe with an array
of artful accessories.

"A rose is a rose is a rose."

Not so fast Gertrude!

Take 1: It's also a Ring

Take 2: ... a Pendant

Take 3: And a Boutonniere

Take 4: It's an Earring

Take 5: ... a Hair Clip

Take 6: And a Hat Band Decoration

Take 7 It's a Belt Embellishment, etc ...

AND "... by any other name would smell as sweet."

... the perfume of Sweet William to our rescue!
~ Thank Shakespeare!

Designed to last. Purposefully paired with one another ... these multi-functional pieces are intentional, purposeful, wise, wonderous & whimsical collector delights.

they're downright fun ... they're sun on a cloudy day

'I wear them on my fun sun runs'

Teagardenjewelry is the manifestation of botanicals surrounding by the South Window, on my roof and at the allotment.

'tendrils of sweet peas on twirly fidget rings ... Ingrid Bergman Roses and Sheila's Perfume Floribunda ... Oriental and Common Poppies ... Morning Glories, Bee Balm, Calendula, Sacred Datura ... Orchids ... the list goes on (but this is not about them - is it).'

Rose Merry Pop-Ins & The Cotton Knotties merge merino wool roses with woven stems of eco-friendly cotton in a travel capsule collection.

Statement-Pieces/Trippy Talismans

'oh and it appears there's some science-based evidence to back this up' ... it's written about it in the Merino Pin Cushion Kit post.

Rose Merry Pop-Ins and The Cotton Knotties, are carried at The Maker's Mark, an award-winning Artisan Boutique supporting local artists, located in Newmarket, North of Toronto.

I also make them here though, too!

Kate said (after receiving a set of red rose earrings from Maker's Mark), "I commissioned 'One Seed Wonders' to make a set of felted orchids inspired by her 'Rose Merry Pop-Ins.' They are precious, thoughtfully crafted, and packaged with pride and care."

Click through my @gardenbre INSTAGRAM highlights, carousels and reels to get a feel for what else goes on here ... from hammering out and fusing precious pure silver for hand-sewn couture slow stitched fabric art to teatime talks - and video/blogs on worlds vaster than my own tiny patch of soiled plants in pots on my roof deck ... a world in miniature explored on these pages, done with aging hands ... garden drawings & paintings, beadings & mendings, Japanese sashiko stitching & kintsugi ... and more to come as collections expand and sketchbook illustrations wind their way off the page and come to life ... daydreamings during heady afternoon tea spillings ... lifting a cup to this ... all this ... to you & yours!







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