... a Carnival Squash + a Tasty Recipe

... a Carnival Squash + a Tasty Recipe

Watch me do the working drawing for next week's Carnival Squash painting.

When I'm finished painting it, I'm going to eat the entire squash (except the stem).


Cut squash in half. Wash & dry the seeds. 

Cut squash in half, then cut 3 wedges each half - for a total of six. Lay your six wedges on a pan lined with brown parchment paper (white parchment has forever chemicals so toss it out if you have any and use the brown kind. It's surface-sprayed with silicone and is non-toxic).

I learned this yesterday from Julie (see below). Thankfully the parchment paper I have been using is brown. Phew.

On with the recipe: Mix up a splash of balsamic vinegar with maple syrup, garlic and salt - to taste - in about a tablespoon of olive oil. Brush over the wedges and bake in a pre-heated oven at 400F for about 20-25 minutes.

When the seeds are dry, drizzle a bit of olive oil into some maple syrup (about a teaspoon of both but it depends on how many seeds you have) and use it to coat the seeds and then sprinkle a mixture of cinnamon, ginger, thyme and salt - to taste. I do this by how I feel on any given day - like the Nonna's do.

Toast the seeds at the same time. Take them out when they're crunchy - a bit before the squash is done - depending on the size of your squash. Keep your eye on everything and you'll be fine.

I'm starting to prep for The Hot Detox. There's Early Bird pricing on Julie's website. It's starting 17 October so this will be a fun recipe to make leading up to it.

This is one of the projects I put on the list I started in last week's video that will help me thrive through the Winter - 30 days of supported, nutritious eating as a kickstart. This will be my third time doing it. The recipes are so good and the community is encouraging. I'm very psyched. 

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Oh my! ‘Feels like drawing systems! I may have started with a wireframe that is sphere-like. I swear I used this as a subject in class one time. Love it! and that you’re making video.

Barb DiPietro

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