And Some Recipe Ideas

And Some Recipe Ideas

Mention is made of chips & pesto in this week's video. I find nasturtium pesto rather peppery and like to add it to butters (both dairy and vegan) which I often freeze. It takes the spiciness down a notch or three.

Some add chili flakes to it - yikes!

Normally, I make things to my own taste as a result of additions like this and so I'll only offer suggestions. Google to find your favourite recipes to follow specific amounts of ingredients.

And see some suggestions below.


Here are two recipes to begin experimenting with, a chip recipe and a vegan butter recipe. The secret for vegan butter seems to be in using refined coconut oil as it's more or less, tasteless. I like to add nutritional yeast. It adds a hit of umami - that good ol' essence of deliciousness! A little turmeric adds colour but with nasturtiums, depending on the flowers used, this probably isn't necessary if it's colour you're after.

There's nothing like real butter, though some vegan butters are seriously scrumptious. I often add greens, especially good when corn on the cob season rolls around. Nasturtium and chimichurri pestos make the end of Summer super special.





Thanks Susan. I’m looking forward to creating Monday posts.


I enjoyed the video Brenda. Looking forward to the next one.

Susan Smith

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