Forward to the Past ...

Forward to the Past ...

Stolen from Back to the Future.

Today is 22 Oct 22

Back then: a page out of a 2020 sketchbook - back when I was working downtown in Daniel's Artscape Launchpad Jewelry Studio and I now realize I was playing with pop-ons, silver, fabrics and felts already. My more serious pieces are tucked under the bench pin as I gather courage to bring them up to work on. I still needed to take their course on using the torches so I could practice before attempting to fuse pure silver plates for cloisonne pieces I was about to make.

Zipping Forward now to the Present: The holiday collection just needs to land safely in the hands of Meghan and Erin at The Maker's Mark and I'll be more than ready to move forward to the past again. With luck, will happened in 2 days!

While making the little hand-made sterling hoops for the Cotton Knotties earring sets, I felt more than a little nostalgic working with metal again. I consequently  did a Review & Renew on my jewellery-making goals and keep going back to colour and enamels and the beauty of working with pure silver which is a large part of what the base collection of teagardenjewelry in the shop is designed around - it fuses and doesn't tarnish. Fabric Art made colour easy to play with and when I needed to mix up my own colours, dyes made it possible (as with the red tinged edges required on the felt merino wool Sheila roses). But even with fabric, when I took the couture embroidery course with Textile Tours of Paris this Fall, I found myself drawn back to silver ..



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