I Bought a Cordless Jump Rope

I Bought a Cordless Jump Rope

I recently mentioned on INSTAGRAM that one of my favourite places is my roof.


It's the cherry AND the whipped cream on top of my rocketship of a condo!

I use it almost daily throughout the whole year ... in spite of living in downtown Toronto ... Canada ... where Winter snow actually does make it look like everything is covered in whipped cream.


In Winter, I keep a little rectangular patch shovelled up there so I can throw down a rubber-backed, IKEA mat (so as not to annoy my neighbours) as I jog-in-place ... and breathe in my own personal daily dose of fresh air. It's my wake-up call in the middle of the day.


And it's been going relatively well.
It doesn't get toooo boring ...
In the 20-30 minutes I'm up there, doing this, I like to switch things up a bit ... doing a little do si do and what not ... two steps to the left ... two to the right ... maybe I pretend to surf and flip a few kicks ... some to the front with a couple to the back ... or kicks to the right ... nobody's watching - right.
All of which - kind of leads to this:
I came across an article on cordless skipping.
It helps explain why I was all in ... and totally totally intrigued to seriously read about ... a cordless jump rope.


Fast Forward:

The main thrust is that you can skip indoors without taking out your chandelier! 


The Reviews Are Interesting

  • You get what you pay for.
  • Don't buy an inexpensive one ... if you do, it might take out your chandelier!

Basically, it's just two battery-powered handles ... yes, you heard that right - and no, I thought exactly the same thing you just did, it doesn't do half the work for you (so what's the use, etc) ... the handles just do the counting for you!

Like I care.
Maybe I should?
Let me know in the comments below.
(is there a comment section below)?
let me know ...



There's about 10 inches of metal-lined, silicone cord with two weighted balls on the end of each one. Seemingly, it's the balls that fly off the ends of the cheap ones and break the chandeliers. It came with an extra battery.

I don't usually impress this easily.

I'm quite impressed.

But should I be.

I mean really.

There are two handles.

One extra battery.

There are also one couple of thingies

... and another two different thingies

... and two little screw drivers that look kind of useless because you could just use the end of a pair of scissors or something.

... and a cord.



But guys

I like the surprise.

I totally got the wool pulled over my eyes.

You have heard it here 1st!

Do I complain?

I think not.

Probably best not to scream it from the roof ...

And lastly, there are some lengthly instructions I've not read.

But ... back to the balls
... review warnings
and the bit chandelieirs!
Initially, I have no worries ... for me the sky's my limit.
Still, I do choose not to buy the cheapest.
Right after I clicked the button on them, though, I have a crazy thought.
WHAT IF ... the joke's on me and I don't get anything
... then if I complain, they say ...
"it's a cordless jump rope
What'd you expect?"
Then I realized no.
That's not the kind of world we live in!
I'll get something.
And I did ... plus more and a 1/2!

But now I am scared to use them.

What if, because I'm wearing mitts, I lose my grip and one of the handles with the balls flies off
... and I become the chandelier!
Life is cruel - and I'm no fool.
I really liked the idea of them though.
NOTE: Poems I wrote for the post are in red so they stand out more and get noticed. And yes, I know. This is supposed to be a jewelry store. Sorry.

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