The 2022 Holiday Collection

The 2022 Holiday Collection



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I say tomato AND I say potato


On the front of my marketing postcard (with matching stickers)

I call them


and on the back of my marketing postcard I call them


what are they






let's just begin with
tee hee hee
though that said I'm leaning towards calling them Pop-Ins now so heretofore I'll call them this until we all properly process and register our thoughts
I could change my mind tomorrow
le sigh

This is my first Holiday Collection and I have decided to offer it, in its entirely, through The Maker's Mark, an new, Award-Winning, small shop run by Meghan and Erin, two amazing young female entrepreneurs featuring local artists through their Newmarket shop, just outside Toronto, Ontario, CANADA.

  • I made a limited number of pieces to begin.
  • I am willing to do some commission work in 2023. 
  • I have other projects in the works that riff off this model.
  • I am looking forward now though to rest and relaxation after the collection is completed which will be at the end of October 2022.
  • The Holiday Collection will be featured in M&E's bricks and mortar shop from November through December at 16655 Yonge Street, Units 19 and 20, Newmarket, Ontario L3X 1V6 
[telephone: 1 (905) 955-7542]
and it appears they are willing to ship.
Here is their website.


SoOOoo - About Rose Merry Pop-Ins&Outs AND The Cotton Knotties

I decided to start by designing a multi-functional textile line as an easy-travelling, versatile, capsule wardrobe ... one that provides an intriguing itinerary of iterations ... fun to mix-and-match with a carry-on of simple apparel.

The Cotton Knotties (Necklaces and Bracelets, et al.)

The Necklaces have magnetic closures, making them easy for solo travellers to put on and take off. They are durable, light and cleanable. They are sustainably made of 100% cotton and/or merino wool and are soft against skin and show well against patterned and plain fabric.

They are as adaptable as you, and as you need them to be. They adjust to changing necklines. The extenders are Bracelets worn, also, 3-ways as Earrings.

They can be worn with or without Rose Merry Pop-Ins designed to configure red or yellow-red 2 and 3" merino wool felt roses from earrings to rings into charms into pendants ... boutonnieres ... hair accessories ... pop-on a grosgrain belt or hatband. I've used sterling silver hardware and handmade simple hoops to go with ...
AND all video instructions can be found




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