The Inchies

The Inchies


Directly below is the Intro Video for the Inchie Challenge.


[NOTE: If you're on your phone you can click here and here and here for the following three videos as it will bring you directly to the YT App.]

You may want to view this in 'full-screen' mode. I prepared these videos in vertical format with IG stories and reels in mind.


This next video provides information on the paper I use and how to prepare the torn-edge squares for the challenge.

 Stay tuned for my Progress Reports. I would love your feedback.

Day 2 - I've gathered materials. The plastic eraser is good for getting the graphite pencil lines removed from the paper which takes a fair amount of abuse because of it's weight and surface strength. The video below also shows a couple of pieces of work I've done on this paper in the past and shows how to get more variation along the ruffled edges of the squares. Bear with me ... I'm trying out a few filters to see which ones work best.


Let me know!


a little more on materials I'll be using and the process 


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