Collection: Tea Garden Jewelry

Pieces in the teagardenjewelry collection are made of Pure .999 Fine Silver.

For durability, Clasps are made of .925 Sterling Silver. As such, they can tarnish and should periodically be polished using the cloth provided.

Fine Silver or Pure Silver is predictably more expensive than sterling as it doesn’t have added base metal alloys such as copper or nickle which are what cause silver to tarnish and can be what cause reactions to silver (often it’s a result of sensitivities to the alloys).

Because of it’s purity, Fine Silver or Pure Silver is softer than Sterling. Like gold, it is more malleable as well though Fine Silver or Pure Silver is slightly harder than gold.

The links  in this collection have been additionally hardened through hand-working the silver in forming, filing and polishing. They can easily worn as a day or evening pieces. At the end of the day, though,  it is recommended they be taken off.  It’s advisable you have a home for your pieces and as such a suitable container is provided to store your pieces in so you always  know where they are. 

Before swimming and/or bathing it is recommended you remove your jewelry – especially sterling silver pieces.  However, because Fine Silver doesn’t tarnish, they will not be damaged if you forget to remove them.


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3 products

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